Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Find Jewish Outreach: What Your Rabbi Isn't Telling You on Facebook!

  Yes folks, it's true. After several requests from readers, I've finally put together a Facebook page for this blog. You can find it here. Feel free to visit--although keep in mind that it's barely hours old and I haven't posted anything on there yet. The goal of the Facebook page is to raise awareness about deceptive kiruv aimed at college students, young professionals, and others within the non-orthodox sphere while creating a space where we can meet, share, and find others who have had similar experiences. I look forward to expanding our discussion of Jewish outreach and to blogging more in 2016. Thanks to all of my readers. You folks are the inspiration behind this blog. -bec

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  1. Such a long overdue site! I think there are many of us whose families were damaged or destroyed by kiruv. Thank you for organizing this.


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